Snif. I have my first cold of the winter, despite which I cleaned the studio (achoo!), put on some lipstick for once in my life (well, it has happened before on very rare occasions), & loaded up my trusty Holga for a ride around town with Evening Magazine. This little excursion turned out to be quite a lot of fun, because it meant that I got to visit some Chinese restaurants I'd been meaning to get to for a while now, including Big Daddy's on Telegraph. I didn't actually go in (too busy shooting & being shot), but a man standing on the corner outside said he sometimes went there to get ribs for something like $1.29?? How is that even possible?

At Ming's on Alcatraz they turned out to have a night-blooming cereus in the front window (hidden behind lace curtains), so I bonded with the counterman about that. Theirs is much younger (or smaller, anyway) than mine, & he said that the blooms fade by around 11 pm, which is much earlier than mine do. I wonder if it has to do with age & the size of the plant, or temperature, or what. I'm trying to remember how my flowers behaved when the plant was new. That was a long time ago! I can't believe this plant is 13 years old. It has 2 buds on it right now, which is very, very strange for December.

But I digress. Another result of today's shoot was that my menus got spread out all over the studio floor & then I was motivated to go through & organize & file them all. No, I still do not know how many I have. But I can tell you this: I have representatives from 30 states now, with the biggest stack from New York. Just today a whole tube of menus arrived from New York, which is just so fabulous. Thank you, menu senders! Keep em coming!

I don't know when the Evening Magazine thing will air. If I find out, I'll be sure to say. Same with the KQED radio thing. I don't pretend to understand how stuff gets scheduled in the broadcast world. Right now I'm mostly about trying to understand how to get well. I think it has something to do with sleep, & lots of hot drinks & soup. Renting movies is pretty good too, especially if what you're watching is Charlotte Sometimes.