Doh! I wasn't on the radio last night, after all. That'll teach me to count my little chickies before they hatch. Meanwhile, I've been taking a break from regular life. I've reduced my activities to something like 35% sleep, 25% cooking & eating, 20% knitting (finished a felted hat & a fizzy scarf, yay!), 3% swimming, & the rest is trying to rescue my poor computer from the evils wrought by Panther. I am so not one of the happy upgraders. In fact, this is the absolute worst upgrade experience I've ever experienced at the hands of Apple. What happened?! Oh well, I've been one of the Mac faithful since approximately 1988, & this is the only time it's ever been so horrible; I'll chalk it up to "can't win 'em all" & cross my fingers that it's not a downhill trend.