Hmm... it's come to my attention that there are some Chinese food places, the really minimal take-out-only counters, that don't have menus. How to solve this problem of non-representation in the menu collection?? I think a business card should be a fair substitution... or a picture... or maybe I just have to keep a running list of these places. Well, if you menu collectors come across places with no menu, feel free to ad lib. Jot em down on a Post-it or whatever! Can't let em slip through the cracks! That would be terrible!

In other news, I'm working on a T-shirt design so I can join the world of online commerce. The T-shirt (& lunchboxes too, if I can swing it) will be a combination fundraiser & publicity item for the project. Oh, & a cool clothing item for you! That's the most important part!

I'm trying to get it done in the next few days, but you know how these things go... especially since I'm still sick (snif) & I'd Rather Be Knitting.