I love this kind of geeky stuff. It makes me smile & gives me some perspective, which I really need right now because the furnace is busted & the bathroom floor is rotting & I am just totally beset by homeowner woes. Of course, there are worse problems a person could have, way worse, but I can't help fretting anyway.

But enough about me. My pal Bari gets the prize for best song lyric diagram request this past Saturday at the Art Health Fair. She asked me (in my Dr. Diagram persona, of course) to diagram Hey Joe, for which I can forgive her forcing me to come up with the lyrics myself (because she claimed not to remember them, ha).

Dan came through town on his way home from Asia, & suggested that I might want to show my Chinese restaurant pictures in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Wouldn't that be interesting? I'll think about it after the furnace gets fixed. Right now the little part of my brain that isn't frozen is completely taken up with various heating configurations, PG&E rebates, that sort of thing.