The burning question of the moment: how did people make latkes before paper towels were invented? I mean, every single latke recipe I've ever seen involves paper towels (no, not in the latkes, you silly goose... you deliver the latkes from frying pan to paper towel), but surely there must be Jewish grannies alive at this very moment who remember a time when they made latkes with the help of... what? dishtowels? some kind of metal rack? newspaper? brown bags? what??? I feel I simply must know, so if you have a Jewish granny you can ask, will you please?

(I must say that the food processor is another Great Modern Aid to Latke-Making. We cranked our batter out in such a jiffy I could hardly believe it.)

I would draw you a Venn diagram illustrating the relevance of this topic to Chinese restaurants, but you could probably do that yourself by now, if you've been reading this blog long enough.

Anyway, Happy Hanukah!