I've noticed that the process of preparing for this show in some ways parallels the Southern trip itself. For instance, right now I feel like we're in Birmingham. I've climbed out of the exhaustion of Memphis & the misery of Holly Branch & Tupelo, had a nice little mental palate cleanser in Jasper. Birmingham itself has been a mixed bag, interesting & depressing by turns. Now, confronting the home stretch, I have decided to make drastic revisions to the original itinerary. I've cancelled some motel reservations & have to make new ones in different towns.

What that metaphor translates into: the sound installation is going to be extremely simple & basic. That's the cool thing about it being my first one; as long as I do something, it's fine. It doesn't have to blow your mind. And, I'm allowing myself to contemplate the notion that it might not be finished by the time the show opens. Since the show is two months long, I can add the sound part a whole week late & it will still be there for 7 weeks.

Anyway, the photos will all be there the whole time, & they make a fine show on their own, if I do say so myself. & the catalog will be available right away, too. Which is basically what I realized in Birmingham: we already accomplished so much in Mississippi that it's really fine if we don't have the energy for Alabama.

Hence, Mostly Mississippi.