Escape from Birmingham! Really I was going kinda stir crazy in that little business motel in the middle of a soulless business park. Ugh.

So, I finally admitted that it's much better for all concerned if I don't make any promises about the sound installation at all. It's better for me (less likely to babble incoherently or faint at my own opening); better for the show (no substandard, rushed work); better for all the nice people in my life (no angsty, urgent pleas for help, no need to come peel me off the floor like a fruit roll).

I feel so much better now that I dropped the rest of Alabama from the itinerary. Sometimes when you bite off more than you can chew, you should just spit out the excess. In a ladylike manner, of course. Since we are still in the South.

In case you're confused: no, I wasn't actually in Birmingham the past few days, & I'm not actually in Tuscaloosa now. It just feels like that.

What? You say I'm babbling incoherently anyway? I'm pretty sure I'll recover once I cross the border back into Mississippi again. There's a very nice swimming pool in Hattiesburg....