Heading South!

I sent the following out to my mailing list a couple days ago. Here it is again (slightly edited) for the benefit of any blog readers who aren't on my list:

The Chinese Restaurant Project is about to head for the South! Nope, not Los Angeles. We're talking Mississippi, Alabama, bits of Arkansas & Louisiana. Maybe even Memphis! Do Chinese restaurants near Graceland have big tubs of peanut butter on the buffet next to the sweet & sour sauce??

For the Southern trip I've teamed up with the Chinese Historical Society of America, where I'll be showing work from this trip next spring. The good folks at CHSA are helping out with research, PR, & admin for the project. Yay CHSA!

The trip, the show, & indeed this whole Southern branch of the project is generously funded by the very fabulous Creative Work Fund, so the trip can be longer (23 days!) & I won't have to stay in such divey motels this time! Yay for the Creative Work Fund!

Donna Keiko Ozawa, who also came with me to Wyoming, will be accompanying me on this trip to shoot video for a piece she's working on about the project. She'll also be providing logistical, creative & moral support! Yay Donna!

If you'd like to help out with this trip, here's how: put us in touch with your friends, relatives & colleagues in the South! They don't have to be Chinese! We're looking to meet up with regular nice folks who are willing to be interviewed about their experiences with Chinese restaurants. We can interview them on camera or if they're shy, just with sound recording. We can spend 10 minutes or we can spend an hour, whatever works for them & us. Just to give you an idea of where we'll be going, here are some of the major stops we have planned: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Montgomery, Birmingham, Memphis, Little Rock, Greenville, Jackson, Natchez.

If you have somebody who might be interested, please email me the following info:
Relationship to you
Phone number
Email if they have it
Approximate age
Whether or not they are affiliated w/ a Chinese restaurant

Yay for you!

Also welcome: tips on where to eat, where to stay, cool little towns to visit, good outdoor swimming pools (can't let all those hush puppies get the better of us), &c.... We're leaving in about a week. I'll be blogging all along the way, so you can read about our adventures on the road. I'll be posting photos too. Hopefully I won't have anything to say about hurricanes!

Thanks again for your support!