Egg Foo ?

Here's the New York Times article by Michael Luo: "As All-American as Egg Foo Yong". There's even a mention of moi in there.

I've always spelled it Egg Foo Yung. When I had occasion to spell it. (Not often.)

By the way, Dealership has a new album out. I haven't had a chance to get my hands on it yet, but I bet it's good. Have I ever complained to you about my Dealership curse? Every time they play, I want to go, but something always happens so I can't. Basically, if Dealership is playing anywhere near me, I can count on getting sick or having some kind of car or transit breakdown, or extreme drama -- I think one time there was actually a death in the family! I'm not even kidding. I have tried to accept this but it's hard, you know? Because I can just tell they would be so much fun live.