Not sure what exactly makes some folks think I'm a man... in all the miscellaneous links, blurbs & blog postings that other people have written about this project (& about my work in general), I'd say about 15% of the time they refer to me as male. Could it be the -o ending in Indigo? That would at least explain it for people who speak Spanish or Italian. (On the other hand, I do remember someone in Mexico calling me Indigito once, which makes perfect sense to me. Indigita would be kind of a stretch for the name Indigo, wouldn't it? Which is stronger, language or gender? Oh, it's too much to go there! Let's not.)

I guess the male -o convention bleeds over into English fairly strongly, or strongly enough anyway. Although some female names do end in -o. Almost all the other Indigos I've met or heard of have been female. Not that there's so many -- maybe 2 males & a handful of females. I dunno; when I look at my work or read my statement I think it's quite obvious I'm a chick, but not everybody seems to agree. Whatever... it's just something I've noticed....

Or, of course, I could go ahead & be suspicious about it: what, you don't think a woman would have the audacity to ask for every last Chinese takeout menu in the whole dang country?