We have heat! We have heat! I am delirious! I couldn't believe how hot it felt when the temperature reached 65 degrees... in my initial burst of greedy enthusiasm I had set the thermostat to 70, but we quickly realized we couldn't take more than 68 after being acclimated to the mid50s for almost a whole month! Of course, all this happens just in time for the weather to warm up... but hey, I ain't complaining!

More satisfaction: remember the latke & paper towel question? Max writes: "My mom says, her jewish grandmother and mother used to put the latkes, which were fried in chicken fat, on a plate and eat it. Because the schmaltz was great. The whole paper towel low fat thing is some kinda goyisha update. The real jews, and were talking conservatives and orthodox here, eat the fat."

Aha!!! Thank you Max! There is a poetic elegance to this answer that satisfies more than any newspaper/dishtowel/other oil-diminishing answer could have. I mean, of course the schmaltz was great! Duh, why didn't I think of that? The fat is the whole point.