So let me tell you how good Carla Bozulich's Red Headed Stranger album is. I'm in love! I'm obsessed! I can't listen to anything else. It's my new drug. Maybe all the more addictive because I never heard the original Willie Nelson (since I don't like his voice). Hard country meets experimental jazz, with a well-placed dollop of that mesmerizing Indian drone sound. Donna said, "If Catherine Irwin & Neko Case had a child, this is what she would sound like." I would say, it's that kid channeling Patsy Cline through a filter of something bracing & potent, all her own, & pouring it into the form so brilliantly crafted by Nelson. Oh hell, I never said I was a music writer, did I? Just go get the album already. You won't be sorry. (Yes, I do delight in being so perverse as to heap my highest praises upon a white musician covering another white musician, immediately after that last post reviling white music critics perpetuating their own myopic white canon. My musical world is wide that way.)