Woohoo! Here I am in Red Wing, Minnesota! The weather is nicer than it was at home before I left. This morning I saw a yellow bird that I had never seen before. And tonight I saw an Oreo-based dessert I had never seen before! It looked deceptively like a wedge of ice cream with crushed Oreos on the bottom & top, plus a dollop of whipped cream. But it was not ice cream! More experienced analysts around the table declared that it was probably some amalgamation (or should that be amalgam?) of gelatin and, what, cream cheese? Am I remembering that right? Anyway, I am having a true Midwestern experience & deepening my understanding of the Crab Rangoon Context. Tomorrow my cohorts have agreed to accompany me on my first foray into town for Chinese food. I guess I better decide which restaurant to go to first, since there are 3, maybe even 4 Chinese restaurants to choose from.