folklore indexing

Folklore geeks, rejoice! Used to be you had to drag your folkloric ass to the library to access the hallowed tomes that contained the Aarne-Thompson taletype index & Stith Thompson’s motif index. It’s been a few years since I last googled, & hey, here they are! As the interwebs continue to expand & develop in ever more wonderful & horrible ways, count these among the wonderful:

Aarne-Thompson on Wikipedia

Thompson motif index. If the messed-up characters in the online version bug you, download the document for your very own, although you’ll miss out on the handy sidebar index.

I like all the variations on T11.4. Love through sight of something belonging to unknown princess, including:
Love through sight of hair of unknown princess.
Love through sight of hair of unknown hero.
Love through sight of slipper of unknown princess.
Love through finding lady‘s wreath.
Love through seeing bouquet.
Love through seeing marks of lady’s teeth in fruit which she has bitten(!!)
Love through finding lady‘s handkerchief.
Love through finding lady’s ornament (ring, comb, etc.).

Yeah, this is how I spend my time when I’m supposed to be cleaning house in preparation for the Year of the Rabbit….