Bargain hunters of the Bay Area, mark your calendars for Shadowshop at SFMOMA! Cheap art galore from over 200 local artists, beginning on the 2nd of December. If you’ve always wanted a real Indigo Som Chinese restaurant photo on your wall but had neither budget nor space for the 40-incher, you can go scoop up Southern mini-prints (approx. 7.5”) for a mere $50! If that’s still too rich for you, I’ll have other good stuff there starting at 50¢—yes, fifty cents!

Shadowshop goes all the way until May 2011 so wares & services (hmm, services!?) will come & go. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for Stephanie Syjuco for conceiving, organizing(!) & implementing this fun project.

Correction: sorry, I got dates mixed up. The shop is already open now!