Dude. I am obviously out of practice w/ the PR: I should have mentioned in my emails, & also in the announcement below, that the Asia Society show is gonna travel so if, for example, you live in San Francisco & you have way too many people to see & places to go on your next New York jaunt, why then you can just wait & see the show when it comes to the Berkeley Art Museum next fall (that’d be 2007)! En route, it’ll spend the spring (2007) in Houston, & after it leaves Berkeley, it’ll end up in Los Angeles in spring 2008 (wooo… that’s really far away).

Sorry I didn’t tell you all of that before. & while I’m looking out for ya, try not to catch this nasty cold I picked up. If you live around here & you know what’s good for you, you’ll be wearing wool outside after 5pm. & make sure you get lots of sleep.