Ici is open & it rocks. First of all, it’s an environmentalist ice cream eater’s dream: metal tasting spoons, & then your ice cream comes in a paper cup, with one of those funny starch-based biodegradable faux-plastic spoons. Can I just say what a relief all that is? I hate the plastic angst that accompanies my trips to most other ice cream shops. Ici gives you guilt-free ice cream. (If you’re one of those people who feels guilty about eating ice cream itself, I can’t help you.) The ice cream does live up to all that advance hype. Catalan hits the tongue first with rich cream, then subtle lemon, cinnamon & anise aftertones. Coffee chocolate chip has an almost cakey, dense texture. Interesting & yummy! My spoonful of Donna’s lime sorbet went pow with a burst of citrusy goodness in my mouth. We’ll be back soon to try more flavors!