Holy cupcakes! You know that other cupcake blog I mentioned? It is mere cupcake frivolity, my friends. Those people may be into cupcakes, but they are total lightweights compared to what I just found. This is the one! My jaw dropped lower & lower as I read through the recipes. Girl is out. of. control. She is obviously the Queen of Cupcakes! Seriously. I bow before her Cupcake Greatness. I'm really not the stalking type, but I admit the thought crossed my mind when I noticed she lives in San Francisco. Indigo Som, cupcake stalker. Can't you just see it?

If I had mo betta use of my hand, I would go ahead & get a life already, perhaps starting with baking my own damn cupcakes, but here I am in this strange limbo while my hand improves at a brisk, but never brisk enough, pace. It's sort of weird. I can now do enough things in a normal way (such as brushing my teeth) that I get lulled into this false sense that it's time to carry on with normal life now, when in fact my hand is still nowhere near normal. It's sort of a glass half full/glass half empty conundrum; I'm so happy that there's any water in the glass at all that I actually forget there's still a ton of room left for improvement.

& then I wonder why I'm having cupcake stalking thoughts.