Bay folks know that the size of San Francisco Bay has shrunk considerably over the years, but nobody ever seems to know where the original edge of the bay was, especially when discussing topics near & dear to our hearts, such as earthquakes, liquefaction, foundation & drainage problems, or just real estate in general. Recently the question arose, yet again, as it periodically does: when the Big One comes & all the landfill falls back into the bay, will our house fall with it, or will we be teetering on the edge, or will we be sitting snug as a bug, a convenient couple of blocks from the new beach? This cool 1899 map probably does not exactly answer the question, but it sure is fun to look at.

If you know where to find a map of the original bay, please do let me know. Best would be a comparitive illustration with, say, the new bay-as-we-know-it superimposed or something. So we can know once & for all, where is landfill & where is not?

Thumb update: sometimes eating with my right hand now! Able to write semi-legibly with skinnier pens! (I had been totally dependent on the lifesaving retractable Sharpie.) Used an Xacto to cut a piece of paper the other day! Still can't use that nailclipper though.