So. It's been a while. I'm trying to train myself to type w/o my right thumb, hitting the spacebar w/ my left thumb instead. I get more typos this way, I'll tell ya that much.

Continuing the walking campaign... people's gardens segue into summer. I love the smell of tomato leaves. I was thinking this could become a repetitive, seasonal-cyclical blog: Every May I write about Bing cherries (a Chinese American point of pride; thank you bro Bing!), Rainier cherries (like eating tiny nectarines) & the singing robin. Every June, the smell of tomato leaves.... It could loop around & around & be a life-long project. By the time I'm like 80 I'll have to be super-creative coming up w/ new ways to talk about the same stuff.

Just an idea. You know I've always had an unusually high tolerance for repetition.