I called my pal The Witch for hand advice; she had suffered a major hand breakdown that put her out of commission for months so I figured she must be the expert. Funny how it never once occurred to me to go to the doctor until a whole week had gone by, & even then I thought, why go to the doctor when I'm sure The Witch will tell me everything I need to know? Her best tip: alternate hot & cold! 1 minute of hot, 1 minute of cold, repeat for 10 minutes. My hand likes that a lot, as you can see by my ability to type this whole paragraph, using both hands! I also googled up this nice page of RSI exercises with helpful animations. Do them!

Did I mention the show is up? It's up! Go see it! & you can buy the catalog while you're there. The opening is Thursday night. I may or may not be able to shake y'all's hands properly by that time, but I'll still be glad y'all made it.

Okay, that's enough typing for today. Time for more of the hot/cold treatment.