Not only is Yarn Harlot an amazing knitter, being some kind of Latvian Mitten Goddess, but she's also a hilariously funny writer. You should have seen me laughing hysterically in front of the computer the other day while reading her blog. She has also instigated a Knitters Without Borders happening, so if you took my advice before & donated to Doctors Without Borders, go check out what Yarn Harlot is doing; you could end up getting some yummy wooly goodies in the mail, if you're lucky.

I feel slightly less bruised (by jasmine petals, by catalog administration, by whatever, name your princess affliction) now that my fabulous crit girls came over this afternoon & showed me some tough love. No, nothing kinky, just them being their usual brilliant selves. I'm a lucky, lucky artist to have such smart & sweet friends.