Digging through the rapidly proliferating heaps of web information about the tsunami, Donna unearthed this righteous (& I do mean that in the best way possible) article by Rebecca Solnit. I'd been sort of peeking over Donna's shoulder at the horrible pictures, weeping a little in between rows of a mindless moss-stitch scarf, not knowing really how to digest it all. So it was a relief to read such emotionally & politically intelligent commentary. Remembering to cry & also reading smart stuff like this, that's my recommendation for post-tsunami coping, if you're a lucky one like me, who hasn't been directly affected. Of course, if you're also brilliant, I recommend writing more like this for the rest of us to read.

& yeah, I did pick up the knitting again, just tonight. I realized I needed something really brainless to knit as a break from editing these little sound pieces for the show, which is what I did all day until I couldn't think anymore.