Whew am I ever back-blogged... I've been up to my ears in pre-show stuff, which is all moving along in a sort of densely detailed way. I'm trying to clear the decks of admin stuff so I can focus on the sound installation, since I've never done one before & I have no idea what I'm doing! Well, that's not entirely true, but I do feel like I'm going way out on a limb with this sound thing. We shall see what I manage to come up with. Confidence-inspiring, ain't I?

So, considering how devoted I've been to Agnes Martin, it's interesting that I feel so little sadness at her passing. I think there are big clues in this reaction, about the fullness & spiritual quality of her life & work. How can I be sad when she clearly gave everything, both to herself & to the world? Just looking at one of her paintings saturates me with the most wonderful sense of the sublime. There is so much abundance in each work. Even though I can't claim to know (since I never even met her), I suspect that she died with no regrets, no sense of unfulfilled potential, none of the stuff that makes death a sad thing. A role model till the very end.

Well. Way on the other side of things, you could almost say in the anti-sublime, I'm still wigged out about the tsunami aftermath. I have a bad, bad feeling about how high the death toll is going to go. I heard on the news that the earth is now actually spinning faster & wobblier because of that quake! A day is now 3 milliseconds shorter! That is so totally bizarre to me.

Now I gotta go do stuff. I haven't had any time to knit! Dang.