egg hat

It's not like me to link to a schmancy clothing catalog, but there's a good (knitting) reason for it: egg hats! I had torn off this cover & saved it several weeks ago & just now decided to see if I could knit an egg hat for the entertainment of our household. Talk about your easy, fun & fast knitting projects! You can put on some eggs to hard boil & knit the hat while they're cooking.

[Warning: knitting instructions ahead. If you're in this for the Chinese restaurants, go look at some other part of the blog or the rest of my website.]

Indigo's egg hat
Using worsted weight yarn & #8 dp needles, work 3-stitch I-cord for around 1/2" or 3/4". Then put 1 stitch each on 3 dp needles. The whole hat is stockinette, so from here you just increase 1 st per needle for a round, then knit for a round or 2, then increase another st per needle, &c. &c. until you end up w/ 7 sts per needle (21 total). Then *k1, p1, k1* for a round. Then bind off in pattern, et voila! Your egg hat. Dress your egg & hide it in the fridge for some unwitting family member to discover. Silly, silly, silly!