Easy to slip a few blogless days when there's film scanning involved. I am deeply annoyed by dust! It seems like it should be so easy to slip the negative into the film holder, slap it on the scanner glass & press a button, but noooo, I am plagued by many varieties of evil dust. There are the little linty bits, which show up as whimsical squiggles on the image, & then there are the superfine particles, which manifest as scattered white dots. All enough to drive me insane, as if you couldn't tell already since here I am blogging about dust! How humiliating. This is where my lackadaisical housekeeping (studiokeeping?) comes back to bite me in the ass.

It wouldn't be like this in Martha's house. She has other problems, of course. Gotta hand it to her for how she's maintaining. Seems like this can only be good for her public image, I mean, suddenly she has this underdog thing going, & the "Free Martha" meme is propogating away. It gives her a hipness she never had before. Used to be that she was the only person who I actually loved to hate & hated to love, but now, hey, whatta complex, rich stew of cultural meaning! Theoryheads are surely writing delicious papers....

But I was talking about dust. The crocheting of wool flowers in the immediate vicinity of the scanner cannot possibly be helping my cause. In fact clearly I am working at cross-purposes with myself. At least I know which images I have to scan, thanks to patient & caring feedback from my very helpful art pals both near & far: Irene in DC, Heather in Austin, Oriane in Brooklyn, & the home team crit girls, Donna, Birgit, Debra & Peggy. What would I do without each & every one of you? Y'all rock!!!