I fretted about Hurricane Ivan all day yesterday, & now I'm keeping an eye on Jeanne. They're predicting Jeanne will stay well east of where we're going to be, but I'm worrying anyway because who knows what she'll really do?

Anyway, I think we'll take Mobile off the itinerary, but for now, I'm sticking to the plan to land in New Orleans & drive from there. Supposedly I was going to get all our motel reservations nailed down this week. Ha! As if. I'm just glad we're not down there already.

Closer to home, Poly Vinyl Chloride generously treated 3 lucky friends to Neil Young at the Berkeley Community Theater last night. Thank you, Poly! I feel like I'm living quite high on the hog; just last week I got to see the eternally fabulous Prince. His Royal Purpleness had the entire audience eating out of his hand, wrapped around his little finger, you choose your metaphor.... Neil Young is a whole different type of fabulous, but his audience no less adoring. He didn't sing "Hurricane", but I have it stuck in my head right now anyway.