in the mailbox

Some days really bring a lotta love in the mailbox. From Holga buddy Doria comes a thematic Chinese restaurant T-shirt perfect for my next photo op. From city planning whiz Rolf, a CD of Mississippi & Alabama census maps. At the moment I am gazing fondly upon a map showing racial/ethnic diversity by census tract, for Birmingham. They do this by an Index of Qualitative Variation, "a measure ranging from 0.0 to 1.0 in which a higher score indicates greater diversity. A tract with a score of 1.0 would have even numbers of people across all racial/ethnic categories. A score of 0.0 indicates 'monoracial.'" Fascinating stuff.

Also a few days ago the mail brought a stack of menus from Washington DC. I didn't have any from there before that. Keep it coming, please Mr. Postman!

These things almost balance out the utter despair I feel over the fact that the bathroom is still leaking.