the antelope didn’t

Dang. I spend a week alone in utter peace & quiet, just me & assorted antelope, listening to the wind & memorizing poems (I memorized poems, the antelope didn't -- at least I don't think they did -- unless they did it very quietly), & then I come home to total fucking chaos. Donna got in a car accident just before she was supposed to pick me up at the airport; she's okay but her car ain't. Amy came to the rescue, scooping me up at curbside & then picking up Donna from the intersection where she'd been hanging out for hours, dealing with cops & tow truck & so forth. Thank you Amy!

Then, the leaking bathroom that was fixed before I left turned out not to be fixed, & our house guy showed up this morning to work on it again before I was even dressed. So he's here ripping stuff up & I can't really unpack & I'm not even sure where my hairbrush is. He uncovered yet another fine example of Outrageously Stupid Construction Tricks from the house's wretched past. Let's just say that roofing shingles do not belong inside your shower walls, & leave it at that.

Yikes! Lessons in flexibility. I'm trying not to have a cow or anything. I do have some Chinese restaurant stories from the road, though... will post soon. After I figure out how to brush my teeth.