Okay. It's gonna be a while now before I say anything bad about Gavin Newsom. "Extraordinary mettle," indeed! Go Gavin! (Really I never thought I'd say that.) Oh, & hey, nicely written editorial.

In Chinese restaurant news, a truly unique menu arrived in the mail: it's the first one sent to me by the restaurant owner herself!!! (Well, that I know of anyway.) It's the oldest Chinese restaurant in Mississippi, owned by one family since 1968! How cool is that? Right when I'm plotting & planning my trip to Mississippi! Quite auspicious, don't you think? & very endearing, how they abbreviate Egg Foo Young as EFY. I don't think I've seen that before. Also: fried catfish filet appears on both the main Chinese menu and the little "American Dishes" section. I am so into this!