Snapple has just landed itself on my shitlist, big time. Imagine my dismay when I cracked open a fortune cookie last night & found "Snapple predicts: You will be hungry again in an hour."

Leaving aside for a moment the issue of whether corporate advertising inside a fortune cookie is already rude & tacky enough on its own (that would be yes), all of us at the table were flabbergasted that Snapple had the gall to trot out this tired old racist cliche about Chinese food. Once we got over our shock, we realized that Snapple must be giving these fortune cookies free to the restaurants. The cashier said "they went around giving them to all the restaurants around here." Snapple invades Clement Street! What an outrage! Sounds like maybe other customers have complained too, because she implied they were not going to give them out anymore after this batch. I couldn't help wondering, why not just stop now? Why wait for the batch to run out? My people, my people! Have some pride! Fortune cookies are cheap enough. Throw that Snapple shit in the trash where it belongs! Meanwhile, the rest of us can avail ourselves of the handy corporate website feedback form... work that keyboard, my friends!

On the positive PR tip (I hope), I'm supposed to show up on Evening Magazine this Thursday night the 8th, at 7pm on channel 5 in the Bay Area.