Making some progress in my attempts to clean house & studio... Northern California letterpress printers be advised, I am getting rid of some old equipment; a listing will soon appear on the SFCB Equipment Exchange. Or just email me to find out what there is. Sad to say my letterpress days appear to be over for the forseeable future, although things change so quickly around here that "forseeable" really doesn't cover a lot of time. Who knows, in a couple months I might suddenly be begging someone to let me use their Vandercook, just like 10 years ago! Alas, those were sweet days indeed, setting type letter by letter so that my entire relationship to language became slow & careful, & I learned to love each word. Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy not to be doing that anymore, but then, I remember that I am doing (mostly) what I want to be doing, & it just doesn't happen to involve letterpress right now.