It's raining so hard that the gutters are actually roaring. Like waterfalls roar. Like rivers roar. You know what I mean? (I am actually encouraged by this because it means my gutters do in fact function properly.) All the tiny little square holes of the window screens are full of water because of how the wind has blown the rain into them, so you can't even see out the window. The back door frame is leaking a fast drip into the salad bowl I put beneath it. And I have been freezing without heat for over two weeks now! Pity me, for I am in a wretched state of weather-induced misery!

Okay, I feel a bit better now that I got that off my chest. Also, I was able to make my computer play the Pacific Time radio segment so I could make sure I didn't sound terrible on the radio. (I didn't.) Best of all, though, is that a guy who heard me on the radio in New York wrote to me about his family business that used to print zillions of takeout menus for Chinese restaurants all over the East Coast!

So. There you have it, me trying to keep a balanced perspective as I await the heating guys who are supposed to come do an estimate for the new furnace.