For some reason I've been driving an awful lot lately, running errands all over the place. Fortunately, for a change, I've had enough breathing room in my schedule to discover that the stress level really plummets when you're not racing against the clock to get all this stuff done. If you can believe it, I actually enjoyed my several recent trips across the eternal Bay Bridge, my one trip across the Golden Gate (fortunately in the non-toll direction), & my old favorite, the underdog Richmond-San Rafael bridge. I almost always enjoy driving that bridge, unlike those others. I don't think it gets nearly enough appreciation. The views from it are stupendous, & the shadows on a sunny afternoon can't be beat, even on the lower deck. The Bay Bridge's lower deck is too wide for really good shadows, but there's no arguing about the views. All of these bridges present our best view-appreciating opportunities in the course of our daily lives, opportunities that are actually enhanced by bad traffic. Now if I could just figure how to have this leisurely feeling more often (like way more often!), I'd be one happy camper.