Yesterday I brought all my work home from Mills; it was a good show (if I do say so myself) & now it's over. Now what? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but these delightful photographs are in fact available for purchase. C'mon, art lovers, step right up! You know those studio sales can be quite a bargain since there's no middleman. Better the Chinese restaurants should grace your walls than hog space in my studio, don't you agree?

In other news, guess what, Ben Fong-Torres himself emailed me & I get to meet him this weekend, prompting my wise-ass friends to ask if I'm gonna be in Rolling Stone. No, no, nothing like that... do I look like a rockstar to you? My fabulous bro will turn up in there a lot sooner than I will. Maybe he already has? I'll have to ask him.