It's a week until the Mills show goes up. Last time I talked to Meigan on the phone, she said, "You actually sound like you're physically underneath a pile of stuff! The way your voice sounds. It's like there's stuff pressing on your face."

I love that I have such perceptive friends.

I can breathe a little today, though, because last night around 1:30 am I finally uploaded my new & improved website, which appears to be working (fingers crossed). Y'all let me know if something on it doesn't work, ok?

Also, the San Francisco Chronicle is supposed to be running an article about me on Wednesday the 24th in the Datebook section. At least this is what I'm told... so keep yer eyes peeled. The photographer came over to my studio & we spread out a bunch of takeout menus all over the table. Looks like I have a lot of menus, & I guess I do. Not enough though! My appetite for menus is insatiable!!! Roar!

I also wrote up a "report from the road" about my Wisconsin trip; this will be on sometime in the next week or so. I'll post the specific link when I get it.

It's almost the last day of summer! Get out there & enjoy it! (Talking to myself as much as anyone else, maybe more....)
by indigo