Tonight I had dinner and an enthusiastic menu-fest with Inspector Collector. That man is obsessed! He has some amazing cool old menus. Standout items: Chop Suey Soup & Chop Suey Sundae. Yikes!

Basically, back in the day it appears they called everything Chop Suey. He gave me a whole pile of menus, everything that he had extra of. Fabulous!

Serendipitously, my fortune cookie's little Chinese lesson tonight was: "May I have the menu, please?" Turns out the good Inspector has the same one taped on his front door.

I counted up all the Minnesota/Wisconsin Chinese restaurants & it turns out I hit 36 of 'em in my time there, 33 of which happened in the last 6 days with massively generous help from the multi-talented & hard-working Irene Chan, may the gods & goddesses of Chinese food always smile upon her.

Despite all this great progress out in the world, I am looking forward to going home, where the lettuce in the garden awaits in all its organic goodness, as does my sweetheart.