Oh. My. Gawd. It's true... Leann Chin is, in fact, a minor force of nature.

Woops, I might be bending my own rules against naming names out there in the heartland. Well, I haven't been to Leeann's & I haven't eaten there, & I won't divulge my opinions once I do, so it's all good. You haven't heard a peep out of me about Yan Can or PF Chang's , have you? Let me reiterate: this is not a restaurant review project! I'm an equal opportunity researcher: yummy, mediocre, & scary restaurants are all interesting to me. Mini-chains, franchises, obscure mom & pop operations alike are all fair game. Just cause I mention a place doesn't mean I'm saying you should go there, or not go there.

But I do give props to my personal local favorites because I don't see how it could possibly hurt my project.

Now I'm going to look at Wisconsin....